• Art & Life

    All around us, everyday, life happens in wonderful ways. It has been that way since the beginning and will be until the end. The goal here is to reflect the good, even the best.
  • Sculptures

    Sculpture is really "hands on" art. Most of the sculpture at the Kyrie Gallery is done in paper mache. These are somewhat primitive but endearing sculptures of "santas", "angels", children etc. In addition to these pieces, sculpture work in bronze is now available.
  • Christian Art

    It is my conviction that Christian art should stir the heart of the viewer. It should communicate meaning and depth as well as passion and emotion. I consider this aspect of my art to be directly God inspired -  most works are done strictly from what He puts in my heart and mind. The ideas and inspirations often come at the most unexpected moments. It is exciting to me to watch a new work unfold. While I am often given an understanding of what each piece is to communicate, my prayer is that God will speak to those viewing it in ways He has uniquely for them. - C.M.S.
  • Abstract Art

    Abstracts speak in a way that realistic art cannot. While the artist is usually creating the work with a specific thought in mind, the fun of abstract is how differently each viewer perceives it. There is no right or wrong, just an opportunity to enjoy the art in a distinctly personal way!